Fabulous life of Hitler

Fabulous life of Hitler


Dermo's always watching

Dermoplast is one of the more esteemed, respected, and noble madmins of Pyroland. He's known for his aggressive stance on teen pregnancy, axetinguisher usage, and regularly cracks down on unauthorised breathing and existing. This is all a blatant lie (excluding his stance on existing), Dermo is a blustery, insecure tyrant with some serious daddy issues. He feels the need to exact his madminity on us poor mortals. He's a swine in both size and personality.


Dermoplast is a master at opressing the weak, tired, and hungry. He also has a ban hammer. So I should shut the fuck up. He also has a never ending suply of donuts, however, he possess incredible avarice and never shares. Dermo has few weaknesses. But he's incredibly prone to certain phrases and any mention of our wonderful wiki. His seemingly unjustified hate of the wiki can be attributed to the fact that he likes Pyroland to be as stupid, ignorant, and fat as he is.


He's a dick.