SFM Shrek is love. Shrek is life

SFM Shrek is love. Shrek is life.


A pyro jumping a smidget taller.

The Detonator: an atrocity unparallelled, even when juxtaposed with Cancerous AIDS. Its only purpose is to be thrown at enemies to knock them out. Seriously, it's fucking heavy as god knows what. It's rumoured that one can use it as paper weight, perhaps to even pin-down wild boars. Why one wishes to pin-down wild boars is up to one's imagination. But, beyond said uses, it's truly useless.


All non-retarded Pyrolandic historians know that the philosopher Thejimz created it as a cure to melanin deficiency. However, he saw that it could be used to clear obstacles one millimetre high, no more, no less. Why did it gain such astounding popularity? Well, to be blunt, Thejimz has quite a following of daft cunts (Dermo, Cyber, Sleight, and Karl Marx Kytarn). The world's cool, intelligent, and all-round awesome people (Clyde, Clyde, and Clyde) got to realise how much this piece of shit sucks fucking arse-cock through Thejimz's incoherent walls of text.


The only true way to use The Detonator (deh-tun-ait-ur) is to fire it near an enemy, and detonate. One mustn't have the blast touch the opposition, it must simply provide he/she/it with a lackluster firecracker display. Your foe (now realising that you've got a Detonator) will collapse into a rapture of giggles and urinate. Any good Pyro knows that a Neon Annihilator is essential for proper play; strike the now wet enemy so his life (much like his body), will disintegrate in a magnificent flash.