Bruce (Fire525) WhiteEdit


As Jimz was establishing a 4th wave of Pyrolanders he had noticed a startlingly fact about the populus. None of them were Australian! So, he bargained with the venerable godess "Herrison of Heavireete", they both were aware of the vice that was becoming ever more apparent in Pyrolandic society. Without the presence of Australians they had no one to combat the Croc infestation, no one to dispatch on suicide missions, and they were faced with a ludicrous surpluss of BEER! A single Australian will with solve these issues with supinity. However, they had forgotten one of the most simplistic laws of Pyro society. This design was too perfect, they had to engineer a blatant chink in the armour of his character. What better solution than to make him infatuated with Dote-uh Teu.

Role in ChatEdit

Fire525's one of the few non-bedlamite members of "The Council of Buttness". Therefor, he foils nearly every other fat.