Kraal is an egotistical and easily aggravated buttlord of canadian descent. A 2 year veteran of 3TECH's horrors, he is hands down the best at every video game forever out of the group. No joke.


Kraal in his natural habitat

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Kraal possesses no power other than sheer force of will to slam dunk his opponents on the court. He is well-renowned for his expensive and iconic cosmetics in-game, which he will flaunt in everyones faces until the day he dies.

He is capable of going Super Saiyan and using the Fusion Dance with thejimz to create the Kraaljimzic Archon, a being so immesurably fat it is classified as being its own pocket universe across several planes of reality.

Personality and relationsEdit

Kraal hates just about everything. And everyone. Mostly SunMan and Strace though. He hates those the most. They're terrible people. He feels an overwhelming need to dunk all those inferior to him, and slam dunks at a rate of 11 bads/sec.

"Kraal: most people are terrible so I slam dunk them" Kraal expresses his primal need for slam dunk.