Mad Men - AMC TV Show Theme - from RJD2 "Magnificent City Instrumentals"

Mad Men - AMC TV Show Theme - from RJD2 "Magnificent City Instrumentals"


Flames make everything better.

Born 1481, Lord Cornelius Reservicus Shooterworth IV ruled over the small African nation Demonini. He lived in a massive marble Castle in the middle of the famine scarred village. By 1551 he knew his end was near, so he concieved an unconventional prospect. He wanted his ashes, all his money, and 20 of his man-slaves to be cremated and molded into a weapon. They misread the word "weapon" and mistook it for "Reserve Shooter". You see, the Reserve Shooter isn't a weapon. Why anyone would call this weapon is beyond the magnificent likes of me. It's obviously one of the strongest utlility tools in the pyros arsenal to date.


Thejimz, during his archaeology career, decided to resort to grave robbery. He knew of Shooterworth's stache of "Honey Suckle Candy Concaves", but was unaware of the existance of "The Reserve Shooter". As he rummaged through Shooterworth's dragon hoard he the idle tool. He seemed mesmerised by its stunning beauty. Ultimately, he deduced it to be a piece of shit and through it in his "Sack of Unidentified and Likely Important Rubbish". As he careened homebound in his Douche Canoe the tool slipt out and fell into the hands of a most unlikely creature. It was now the in the clutches of Rat, the outcasted Weaboo Weedlord of Pyroland. He saw it's potential as a tool of incomprehensible mayhem. In the following 15 months he prowled his sewers, snuffing out whatever unfortunate Pyro met his wild gaze.


Rat pioneered the art of "Reserve Shooting". It's a complex, intricate, and delicate artform, however I can suply you with the basics.

1. Fire at the ground: The sudden crack of the gun will perturb your enemy's balance causing him to fall

2. Impale with Neon Annihilator: An incredibly useful tool, it's handle can be used to penetrate the enemy's anus