Jesus christ

Jesus christ



Thejimz: Thejimz is a metaphysical, hyper-dimensional entity of undefined mass and properties that navigates the plain of existance at voluminous and impeccible speed.

He's gone through many forms of fatness and fatitude, all due to his uncanny ability to change his likeness. Jimz has since become a natural satellite of celulite, meandering about the cosmos as an entity of fat. Fat in its purest, unmolested form. Jimz is a fabled figure in Pyroland lore, known mostly for his impartial judgment, quantum douche canoe, and command over Dr. Ploink.

lulz (Powers and Abilities)Edit

Jimz can do anything, yet he insists on doing nothing. This is called wo-wei, or being by non-being.

lulz (Fatness)Edit

Jimz is approximately 1 jimzometre in diameter, 1 jimzomtre in hight, and a volume that spans across serveral dimensions.

thejimz iz fat